Sunday, December 3, 2006

Great Expectations

It is critical when launching any new communication avenue to define how often it will be published or refreshed in order to set the expectations of those devoted fans (in my personal case, my dear ol' pa only, I think) so they (ahem, in my case again, he) know how often to check back.

How often I post will really be determined by how often I have a rant (please, don't guffaw yet) that is of enough length and substance (aha! Now that narrows it down, doesn't it?) to justify posting it for those thronging masses beating down my door for pearly words of Timberly wisdom.

In my not-so-humble opinion, many things make a great writer (not that I am one, but everyone should have aspirations). Attributes include the basics (good form, style, punctuation, etc.), as well as the more inspired (an interesting or at least useful topic). Humor is helpful (which I have in fruitful abundance) but most important of all qualities is knowing when to write...and when to stop.

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